Money Mindset | How To Get More Money

Does just the sight of money make you uncomfortable?

Do you think “Oh, you shouldn’t be showing that!”

Stop and think for a minute: “Why? Why do I think this?”

We’re taught all these limiting beliefs growing up…
*Money is a private matter.
*Money doesn’t grow on trees.
*Money doesn’t make you happy.
*You have to work hard for money.
*I should just need enough to get by.
*Being rich is a sin.
*Having money is greedy.
*I can’t have money.
*Saving money is hard.
*It’s tough times.
*Money is hard to come by.
*Money is the root of all evil.
*The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
*Time is money.
*You have to struggle to survive

And so on and so on… this list is never-ending.

No wonder so many people struggle in life.

It’s almost impossible to wash these limiting beliefs out of your head unless you are conscious of it and work really hard to change those beliefs.
When I was $30,000 in debt I had to work HARD to change my mindset from one of poverty to one of abundance and I did it by surrounding myself with people thought differently, who dreamed bigger and wanted more out of life.

The sight of money shouldn’t make you feel dirty or think negative thoughts. Money is energy.

We are all in a relationship with money.

When you heal your relationship with money, you will find it begins to show up in abundance, almost effortlessly.

There’s nothing shady, dirty or wrong about wanting money, acquiring money and doing so in abundance.

Money makes the world go ’round. Without money you don’t eat and you certainly don’t experience as much.

Money is a tool to be used.

You can increase your money any time you choose and I help people do just that:

All You Need Is Wifi & A Dream!

xo, Anji Long



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All You Need Is Wifi & A Dream

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