Swimming With Stingrays, Stingray City, Antigua

My first interaction with stingrays was when I was living in the Bahamas.

There is a restaurant called Chat’N’Chill on Stocking Island. They have tons of stingrays in the water that are super friendly and love to hang out with guests.

They appeared to be very docile and curious. They love to play and be pet by those splashing around in the water.

I grew to love these beautiful creatures of the sea which I called “cats of the water”

So when we moved to Antigua and I saw there was a place called “Stingray City” I instantly added that to my “Lived List” (must do!)

After a year of living here, we finally made the trip.

Stingray City

Our videographer was in town for a project we are working on so it was the perfect time to go and get some great footage of our adventures at the same time.

So the 4 us (including a friend we met on the island) ventured off into the sea to meet the stingrays of Stingray City.

I must say, it’s quite intimidating getting into chest high water with wild creatures swarming around you.

In the Bahamas the stingrays were much smaller and in ankle deep water.

We all had mini panic attacks for about the first 30 minutes (during feeding time). They can get quite aggressive and bump into you and jump around to get squid (food).

After the initial shock wore off, it was quite nice and the water was incredible cyrstal clear. Beautiful day out.

We spent in an hour in the water with the stingrays and then took the 15 minute boat ride back to the docks and enjoyed some rum punch.

I highly recommend this tour if you are ever in Antigua!


Anji xo

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