[Facebook Live Replay] She Made $121,480 in First 6 months of 2017 & How You Can Too!

After 8 months of consistently making $3,000 or more (up to $8,000) every single week with Facebook Ads, I have some pretty good insights to what works, what doesn’t and the mindset required for success.

Have you attempted Facebook Ads? Do you find it difficult? This video is for you!

I’m here to let you know it’s actually REALLY REALLY EASY! And you should commit yourself to mastering this skill. It’s a life changing skill.

I also became aware that other’s with way less consistent results are charging $1000+ for their coaching and telling people you have to CLOSE sales.

Say what?!

I run ads every day and I have never closed a single sale. The truth of the matter is this: If you have a solid process in place, you don’t need to speak to anyone to make sales. It should be like a well oiled machine.

The process is this:

  1. Compelling Video Ad
  2. Targeting Audience
  3. Autoresponse Via Message
  4. High Converting Capture Page
  5. Sales Page That Addresses All Concerns
  6. Checkout Page
  7. Email Follow Up

That’s it! When you have this processes tested and tweaked to perfection, you never need to speak to anyone, EVER!

Now, I provide full training on this exact process, however, people still fail. Even when I lay it all out for them.

Why is this?

There’s also a mental game that goes into it.

People start thinking oh, I’m wasting money I need to stop this ad. Let me try another one. Same thing happens. They are unsure of themselves. Their mindset isn’t in the right place for trusting in themselves.

If you can nail down the process and your mindset you can make a TON of money.

Take Richelle for example. She got on a coaching call with my partner, Ben, and within 2 days after the call she made $1,000!

This is literally easy money!

How did we come up with this? We put our heads together and looked at what everyone else was doing. We found some things that were great and things that could use some work.

We found a capture page that was already working for one of our team members- CHECK that’s the one

We found videos that were already working for lots of people to generate leads- CHECK that’s the one

We tweaked the follow up message so it doesn’t require closing anyone- CHECK that’s the one

We tweaked a sales page so it’s branded to us, addresses all concerns and let’s them know what’s next- CHECK that’s the one

We set up a high converting email follow up- CHECK CHECK

We have a done-for-you free system for our sign ups to use- CHECK CHECK CHECK

All those elements in place make for a solid process.

Then it just comes down to who you are targeting, the audience. While this sounds complicated, it’s really not. Once you understand the psychology behind what works. Once you understand that you can crank out winning ad, after winning ad!

Yes ads do slow down and stop working. So you have to be proactive about anticipating these changes and stay on top of getting new ads up. That’s why there are slight fluctuations in my weekly checks. The ads are constantly changing and I have to tend to them accordingly.

However, compared to many other’s results mine are very very consistent. 

So there you have it, the real deal with MCA & Facebook Ads.

We are currently accepting 10 coaching students to help them get their ads up and running via Skype.

Ready to be one of the 10? The price is $997 and we are doing this because we are planning a high level in person mastermind and need solid testimonials to make that investment a no brainer. 

Want to be our success story?

Contact me on www.facebook.com/anjilongofficial to reserve your spot!



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2 responses to “[Facebook Live Replay] She Made $121,480 in First 6 months of 2017 & How You Can Too!”

  1. David Purches says:

    Is the one on one coaching going to cost anything,

    • anji716 says:

      Yes. Please watch the facebook live replay in the post. We just have a couple spots left now.

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