How To Achieve New Levels of Success

When I was $30,000 in debt I became obsessed with that number.
I fixated on wiping that out in one month.
All I could think about was visualizing making 30k a month…
I had no clue “HOW” I was going to do that because at that point I had been struggling and just barely scraping by for a while.
But I knew I had to,
I had to get rid of this weight on my shoulders and I was ready to finally start living.
There is something about debt that makes you feel like you are suffocating and it’s all consuming.
The more I visualized it,
The more I became dedicated to it and the more I started to believe it was possible for me.
I started releasing the feelings of being shackled by debt, just by getting into the habit of “feeling as if” I had already achieved that goal.
And I think that is really the key,
If you don’t believe and truly feel deep down it will happen for you, very rarely will it actually happen.
Start visualization and work yourself up to belief,
Then put yourself out there,
Ready to achieve AND receive.
Once I did those things, everything conspired to work in my favor.
I suddenly came up with an idea and the right people showed up in my space to help bring the idea to life.
Just a few short months after I became fixated on that goal,
I was able to pay off all $30,000 credit card debt in ONE month.
This was back in 2013.
Since then, I’ve truly realized the power of mindset, belief and getting into the feeling of success to achieve anything.
People always want to know the “HOW” in online business and they are so focused on the “HOW” that they forget these internal things that can catapult you much faster…
You must have “FAITH”
If you’ve become comfortable and complacent in your struggle,
Sometimes it’s easier to stay in that low vibrational state of struggle than it is to work on increasing your energy for success.
If I can give you one piece of advice today,
It’s figure out EXACTLY what you want.
1. Make a goal.
2. Set a deadline.
3. Visualize it as if it has already happened.
4. Get into the feeling of being that person.
5. Obsess over it
(obsession is a word the lazy use for the dedicated)
6. Get your ass to work
7. Put yourself out there
8. Know the solution is coming
9. Be open, ready to achieve and receive
And that is my ultimate plan for NEW LEVELS of success.
I truly believe EVERYONE has everything they need already inside them. You just have to be willing to unleash it and allow the right people to come in and assist along the way.
Step up to the plate and make it happen!
Anji xo
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