My name is Anji Long, founder of Wifi Wealth.

I’m an internet entrepreneur, wealth mentor and lifestyle blogger born in Columbus, Ohio and turned caribbean island hopper. I spent two years in the Bahamas, 2013-2015 and I was officially been bitten by the island bug. I’m currently living in Antigua & Barbuda.
I have the freedom to work from anywhere there is a wifi connection… so why be stuck in the snow in Ohio? No thanks!


I started my YouTube channel in 2010 with the goal of sharing the information I knew about online marketing, online income opportunities, wealth creation and the laptop lifestyle. I also wanted to create a space that was “Anji’s” – a positive, creative and inspiring environment where aspiring entrepreneurs could get tips, be entertained and DREAM a little bigger.


Our culture teaches people you have to work hard for money, its a struggle to get money, money doesn’t grow on trees and all sorts of other limiting beliefs around money.My mission in life is to change people’s beliefs around money and help them acquire more. Ready to grow your bank account?

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I’ve been fortunate enough to turn internet marketing into my full time career.

I create a variety of videos on my YouTube channel, and started this blog with the goal of sharing more frequent and personal posts about everything from wealth creation to online entrepreneurship as well as daily island life adventures.
When you’re overworked – There is a better way!
When you’re under paid – There is a better way!
When you’re down and out – There is a better way!
All you need is… wifi & a dream!
#WifiWealth ♥

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All You Need Is Wifi & A Dream

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